Friday, June 5, 2015


Relentless Souls Part 2
By Eve Cassidy & Rachel Ryan
Est. Release Date: June 24th

 Ava Flores took a huge risk when she moved halfway across the world for her career. She got more than she bargained for when she found herself torn between Brody and Jeremy, two members of ‘Relentless Soul’, one of the hottest rock bands in L.A. Now, Ava has made her choice and followed her heart, but love isn’t always easy. Will her choice tear apart a friendship and mean the end of ‘Relentless Soul’ or will cruel fate tear them apart before their life together can even begin?

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Sometimes life takes you where you least expect it, and for 24 year old Ava Flores, it’s twelve thousands miles from home. When accepting a position as a journalist for L.A’s top music magazine, she has no idea the new job will involve touring for eight weeks with one of L.A’s up and coming bands ‘Relentless Soul’. The long road ahead is full of endless possibilities and surprises. 

For Jeremy Stone, being the lead singer of ‘Relentless Soul’ means an endless supply of hot women throwing themselves at his feet. But when the sexy and feisty Ava is somehow able to resist his charm, he realises she might be different than all the rest. Jeremy is determined to make her his, but it seems he’s not the only one. 

After carrying around so much emotional baggage for so many years, Brody Cooper never thought he could be in a serious relationship. His trust issues and personal insecurities always seem to destroy his relationships before they’ve even begun. However, the moment he meets Ava in a Hotel elevator, he knows that he is hooked. The more he gets to know her, the more he is starting to picture a life that he never knew he wanted. As Bass guitarist for ‘Relentless Soul’ Brody is used to letting his best friend, Jeremy take the spotlight and get all of the female attention, but will it be different this time? 


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