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༺★* A Thousand Starry Nights *★༻

Title: A Thousand Starry Nights
Author: Addison Moore
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 1, 2015

A Thousand Starry Nights
Burning Through Gravity Book 2
*Can be read as standalone*

For as long as I can remember I have wanted Aspen as my wife. The day I lost her, I could hardly stand to breathe. I want her back in the worst way. I don’t take losing very well. Aspen will be mine again. I need to have her. And I will.

Carter is back in my life. Long ago, we flew so close to the sun we were scorched by the twisted labyrinth of our own making. And now, here he is again, front and center, as if nothing ever happened. I doubt Carter and I stand a chance. In fact, I believe we were doomed right from the start.

Carter is driven to Aspen.

Aspen is determined to stay away from Carter.

When their hearts collide once again, their love burns brighter than A Thousand Starry Nights.

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My Review:

A Thousand Starry Nights....
This book really touched me. Full of emotion and hope. I absolutely loved every second, every page, and when I was finished I was wishing for more. Not because it was lacking in any way, but because I didn't want it to end! I wanted to hold onto it just a little longer. SO, I opted to re-read it, and re-read it just got better and better each time!

Aspen and Carter were the perfect couple. They were young and in love, newly engaged. They had it all. Until one little mistake changed the course of their lives forever....Or did it?

Aspen has been through a lot. She thought she had forever in Carter, until he ripped out her heart and stomped on it. She thought she could fool herself into being happy, or at least content, until the fake prince she married turned into a toad. 
Now she's realizing the horrible mistakes she made. The choices, made in haste, out of revenge, to get back at the one boy who would forever hold her heart....Carter. 

Carter knows he screwed up. He made choices that lost him his one true love, but, also gave him something else to live for, another form of love...his baby girl. He wouldn't trade his daughter for the world, but is there any way to bring Aspen back into his life? He can't breathe without her. He wants her. He needs her.  

She doesn't want anyone to know it, but Aspen still loves Carter, after all this time it's only ever been him. Carter feels the same and wants everyone to know it! 
Will these two soul mates find their way back together? 
Will they be able to overcome all the pain and anguish of the past?
Find out in A Thousand Starry Nights!

Addison Moore has an extraordinary way with words and she never ceases to amaze me! Her stories always take my breathe away and leave me reeling for days. This book is no exception. Well done Addison, well done! I don't think there is a single thing you could've done to make this book any better. It really is amazing! 

Book 1 is FREE!

Burning Through Gravity 

Two beautiful souls. 
Two seemingly innocent deceptions. 

Once they meet, Stevie and Ford explode into one another in a ball of lust, hotter than a July moon. Ford is assertive, dominate and in control, that is until Stevie brings him to his knees. He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever met both inside and out. Stevie thinks he’s sweet, and sort of goofy—of course it doesn’t hurt that he drips sex like honey. 
Stevie is starting to fall hard for Ford. 
And Ford is all in with Stevie. 
She wonders if he could ever forgive her for what she’s about to do. 
She wonders if she wants him to. 

They say love conquers all. 
But love never met two liars like Stevie and Ford. 

His lie cost her a few sleepless nights. 
Her lie will cost him everything. 

Addison Moore is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade. She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she's not writing, she's reading.

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